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Run 4 Christchurch Race Reports

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Listen to Pip’s wonderful podcast by clicking here

or click HERE to see race updates and reports from around the world


Run 4 Christchurch Runner’s Blogs

The following are blogs containing race reports for  Run4CHCH …


… and these are some of the great photos from events all over the world.


Richmond Park, London, England

Minneapolis , USA

Kandel, Germany

Kandel, Germany



Redondo Beach, CA


Landgraaf, Netherlands

Redondo Beach, CA

Wellington, New Zealand

Philadelphia, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Beatrice Hampson


Sydney, Australia

West Sussex, England

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Katy, Texas, USA

Tauranga, New Zealand

The Hague, Netherlands

Co. Mayo, Ireland


Co. Mayo, Ireland

London, England

St Andrews, NB, Canada

Amsterdam, Netherlands

St Andrews, NB, Canada

Northamptonshire, England


Bootleg Canyon, NV


Yeah, not quite sure about that last one but you’ll have to check out her blog below to find out why it’s there


Tauranga Boys’ College Run For Christchurch

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The Tauranga Boys’ College were kind enough to host a Gold Coin Donation Run for Christchurch. Students and tutors from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic joined the school’s cross county team and ran 8k along the picturesque Daisy Hardwick Boardwalk.

Although not a race, there was some hard work put in by the runners

Others took it a bit easier

The teacher’s from the school were a bit more energetic

This was a ‘C’ for Christchurch from the runner below. You have to use your imagination a bit 🙂

I’d like to say this was me just holding off two fast finishers to take the win but truth is I only ran enough (maybe 5k) to be able to take some photos. I didn’t intend running at all and so wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion!



This guy was the real winner


He was F.A.S.T !

The people we saw on the run were very supportive. Some of the people on the streets gave us money and people even threw coins from their cars. We raised just over $122.

Thanks once again to Tauranga Boys’ College for hosting the event.


Week 1: Comments from Kate

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It’s now one week (almost to the minute) since Run for Christchurch went live.  It was all set up and ready, but pressing the “go” gave me a little lump in my stomach.  I’m not sure why-  it was a win:win situation.  Even if it fell completely flat, we’d all still have been running next weekend, and we’d have still achieved our goal of doing something.

I think I can speak for all of us now when I say:


Runs are popping up all over the world.  Our team are doing podcasts, radio interviews and even appearing on TVNZ.  Wonderful bloggers from all over the place are helping our cause.  We’ve raised over $3500, and there’s no sign of donations slowing down.  

One of the things that warms the very cockles of my heart are the different ideas people are coming up with.  Runs followed by picnics and wine.  Runs with clubs.  But my favourite so far has to be a 9 month old in London, who’ll be “running” laps of a red and black playmat in his lounge.  And 6 year old Remington, who says:

My mom and me (Remington 6 years old) were talking about what I can do to help others and I she told me about this. I plan to run 1 mile for 3 days. I hope this helps. God bless you.

Gets me every time.

The other thing that’s just thrilling me is that Run for Christchurch is helping expats feeling isolated overseas feel better. The money we’re raising is such a small drop in the bucket.  The world has done so much for Christchurch already.  But knowing how many people will be running with us in spirit next weekend… Priceless.

Worldwide Runs for Christchurch

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Listen to Pip’s wonderful podcast by clicking here

or click the map for a closer look at the world wide runs taking place

Please email us at if you would like your run added

We’ve had a great response to Run for Christchurch, with people from all over the world planning all sorts of different ways to Run for Christchurch.  On this page, we’ll keep you posted on what people are up to so you can get in touch, join in, or just get inspired!

  • Organisers Kate, Pip, Phil and Lucinda are running from Freyberg pool in Wellington at 9am on 13 March.  Please email us if you’d like to come along, so we can keep an eye on numbers
  • Welly runners will also be hitting the Botanic gardens on the 12th.  Meet Chan at 10am at the main gate
  • The Tauranga Boys’ College Cross Country team are running an 8k on the 9th March at 3:30pm. Meet on main field. All are welcome to join in. Gold coin donation. Organiser Mike will be running with them.
  • The legendary Sas has organised a fun run in Richmond Park in London on Sunday 13 March at 10am, with room for 300+ red and black clad runners.  Details are at her blog.
  • Caroline and Dianne are meeting in Sydney for an iconic 6km run, taking in the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  Meet at the Kirribilli Steps at 7:30am on Saturday 12 March.
  • The Rotorua Association of Triathletes is planning a Club run in the Redwoods for the evening of 17 March.
  • Suzette is running the St Patrick’s day 8k in Washington DC at on Sunday 13 March. She’d love other Kiwi expats (and others) to join her- just enter the race as usual, wear your red and black and email her (suzette dot bradbury at gmail dot com) if you’d like to meet up.
  • March 13th is Round the Bays in Auckland–  run the race in your red and black if you want to Run for Christchurch at the same time as enjoying this iconic Auckland event!
  • Ange and her mates are heading out for an evening run, followed by a picnic and wine at the beach
  • Tem is running the Frankfurt Half Marathon!
  • Kris, Michael and Action Asia Events are turning their 13 March race in Hong Kong into another Canterbury fundraiser, with donations going to the Red Cross earthquake fund
  • MAD Crossfit in Lower Hutt are doing their usual weekend run on March 13th along the waterfront in Petone
  • The Hamilton Hawks will be donating proceeds from their 8 March 5k race to the Red Cross earthquake fund
  • Lisa’s organising a group run in Seattle

  • Penny is running in LA.  Meeting at Hermosa Beach Pier for a 5:30pm start.  She’s even created a daily mile event!
  • Steve is running along the river in Minneapolis at 1pm on Saturday 12 March- check out his facebook event for more details
  • In Dubai, Helen and friends are  meeting on Saturday 12 March at Safa
    Park, at the entrance closest to Sheikh Zayed Rd (not the Al Wasl Rd entrance, but the  one on the opposite side of the park, halfway around the jogging track).  They’ll run the 3.4km track – twice for those who want a longer run!
  • The Ballina junior rugby team in Ireland is doing their 5km run on 12 March
  • Sarah’s set up a companion facebook page to help Brisbane runners network, and bring local events to their attention.
  • The “Monster Milers” are running together in Philly (email themonstermilers @ gmail dot com)

We also have people running in Dorset, Perth, Portland OR, Alabama, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Florida, Canada, Chelmsford- and more!  Check out our facebook page to see what runners in your area are planning!

Let us know what your plans are, and we’ll keep the page updated.

And don’t forget to send us your photos and race reports afterwards!

Special bulletin: UK Runners

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We’ll be putting up a post with lots of ideas and information later today, but in the meantime, some special bulletins for UK runners:

  • Sas has organised a fantastic fun run in Richmond Park, London on Sunday 13 March.  Details here. You may have heard the wonderful Sas being interviewed on National Radio over the weekend- check our facebook page for a recording!
  • We’ve learnt that your money will go further if you donate through the UK Red Cross site.  Of course we want Christchurch to get as much bang for your buck as possible, so if you haven’t donated already, please do donate there- but please do flick us an email ( so we know you’ve donated, and so we can keep track of what runners around the world are doing for Christchurch!

Running together

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We’ve had a few questions from people organising group runs, and we’d like to take the opportunity to explain what Run for Christchurch is all about:

  • Run for Christchurch is virtual event-  anyone can run, anywhere, anytime.
  • It’s fantastic that Run for Christchurch is bringing people together all over the world- we’re stoked!- but we do want to emphasise that it’s not an official “event”.  We just want you to go for your usual run, wearing red and black, and donate to the Red Cross through the fundraising page (…and tell us about it…!)
  • We’re happy to help you let others in your area know where you’ll be running so they can join you on your run, and we’ll let you all know where we’ll be running, once we’ve decided!
  • We’re just a bunch of motivated Kiwis, not event managers and we don’t want your enthusiasm and goodwill to get you into any kind of trouble in your local area if you try to organise an ‘event’.
  • Obviously we want you to encourage people to run in their local area and to donate on line (please do not collect cash) but unless you are an experienced Race Director and know exactly the rules, regulations and implications of putting on an event please stick to just getting out there and running with your mates in the red and black.
  • And as a final disclaimer (gotta have one of them) … We cannot endorse or accept any responsibility for any event that you may or may not organise.

Thanks for your support!

The Run for Christchurch Team

Day 2: A Podcast at Run for Christchurch

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We’ve had an amazing start to Run for Christchurch and Lucinda even managed to record her first podcast ever!

You can listen to her here

We are also working on a list of runs that are people are going on in NZ and around the world, please let us know if you are keen to share your run with us,  we will share it with the world!

Day 1: Update

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Phew! It’s only a few hours since our “Go Live” yesterday afternoon, and things are going great guns!

Since then, it’s all been happening:

  • we’ve added some pics to our Who We Are page (look up the top)
  • we’ve raised $625 from people over the world
  • we’ve heard news that people in Wellington and London are planning group “Runs for Christchurch”

We’re all just stoked- imagine if this keeps going until the event!

We’d love to hear more about what you’re all up to, so we can celebrate your efforts on the site- and remember, don’t forget to send us pictures of your red and black and race reports on the day!

You can email us on

The Team.

Run for Christchurch

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We’re five Kiwi bloggers wanting to do something for our friends in Christchurch, which has been hit by a devastating earthquake.  So we decided to pinch Phedippidations’ idea take a leaf out of the Phedipidations book, and organise a virtual run!

So on 12 and 13 March 2011, we’ll be dressing up in red and black and hitting the streets to raise money for the Red Cross, and we’d love for you to join us.  Enter our virtual fun run by making a donation at our fundraising site.  You can run for as long as you like, wherever you like- just make sure you tell the world you’re doing it, and send us a photo and race report afterwards!  We’ll post everything here, so you can connect with all the other awesome fun runners out there.

For more information, click on “What We’re Doing”, above, or come and “like” our facebook page.

Please join us!