Week 1: Comments from Kate

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2011 at 9:24 pm

It’s now one week (almost to the minute) since Run for Christchurch went live.  It was all set up and ready, but pressing the “go” gave me a little lump in my stomach.  I’m not sure why-  it was a win:win situation.  Even if it fell completely flat, we’d all still have been running next weekend, and we’d have still achieved our goal of doing something.

I think I can speak for all of us now when I say:


Runs are popping up all over the world.  Our team are doing podcasts, radio interviews and even appearing on TVNZ.  Wonderful bloggers from all over the place are helping our cause.  We’ve raised over $3500, and there’s no sign of donations slowing down.  

One of the things that warms the very cockles of my heart are the different ideas people are coming up with.  Runs followed by picnics and wine.  Runs with clubs.  But my favourite so far has to be a 9 month old in London, who’ll be “running” laps of a red and black playmat in his lounge.  And 6 year old Remington, who says:

My mom and me (Remington 6 years old) were talking about what I can do to help others and I she told me about this. I plan to run 1 mile for 3 days. I hope this helps. God bless you.

Gets me every time.

The other thing that’s just thrilling me is that Run for Christchurch is helping expats feeling isolated overseas feel better. The money we’re raising is such a small drop in the bucket.  The world has done so much for Christchurch already.  But knowing how many people will be running with us in spirit next weekend… Priceless.


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