Run 4 Christchurch Race Reports

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Listen to Pip’s wonderful podcast by clicking here

or click HERE to see race updates and reports from around the world


Run 4 Christchurch Runner’s Blogs

The following are blogs containing race reports for  Run4CHCH …


… and these are some of the great photos from events all over the world.


Richmond Park, London, England

Minneapolis , USA

Kandel, Germany

Kandel, Germany



Redondo Beach, CA


Landgraaf, Netherlands

Redondo Beach, CA

Wellington, New Zealand

Philadelphia, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Beatrice Hampson


Sydney, Australia

West Sussex, England

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Katy, Texas, USA

Tauranga, New Zealand

The Hague, Netherlands

Co. Mayo, Ireland


Co. Mayo, Ireland

London, England

St Andrews, NB, Canada

Amsterdam, Netherlands

St Andrews, NB, Canada

Northamptonshire, England


Bootleg Canyon, NV


Yeah, not quite sure about that last one but you’ll have to check out her blog below to find out why it’s there


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