Where does my money go?
Your donations go to the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Fund.

 Who are you guys?

Here we are!

What’s with the Red and Black theme?
 New Zealand is rugby mad and red and black are the colours of the Christchurch-based Crusaders.  Oh, and red and black are the Canterbury colours (which is the region Christchurch is in).
What if I don’t like running?
 No worries! If you’re not a runner just walk the 5k … or use a bike … We don’t mind how you cover the 5k, just get out there in your red and black and donate your 5 bucks 🙂

Do you know if there are others running in my area?

We are compiling a list at the moment, and will keep it updated!  If you’d like to invite others on your run, please let us know, and we’ll pass it on.  For more on group runs, see this page.

I want to run alone. Is this cool?

Of course it is! You go for your usual 5km run and donate! Every $ helps!

Where else can we find you?

twitter @run4chch #run4chch

facebook Run for Christchurch – You can also RSVP to the race!

our fundraising page

What if 12-13 March doesn’t work for me?

12-13 March is the main event date, but it’s not the only date. We don’t mind when you do it- just keep us posted so we can tell the world about your good work!

What if there’s another Christchurch charity I want to donate to?

All we care about is making sure money gets to Christchurch- if you’d like to donate to another earthquake fund, and still “Run for Christchurch” that’s GREAT!  Just send us an email ( and let us know how much you’ve donated so that we can keep an eye on the overall total!


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