Important Info: Please Read!

We’ve had a few questions from people organising group runs, and we’d like to take the opportunity to explain what Run for Christchurch is all about:

  • Run for Christchurch is virtual event-  anyone can run, anywhere, anytime.
  • It’s fantastic that Run for Christchurch is bringing people together all over the world- we’re stoked!- but we do want to emphasise that it’s not an official “event”.  We just want you to go for your usual run, wearing red and black, and donate to the Red Cross through the fundraising page (…and tell us about it…!)
  • We’re happy to help you let others in your area know where you’ll be running so they can join you on your run, and we’ll let you all know where we’ll be running, once we’ve decided!
  • We’re just a bunch of motivated Kiwis, not event managers and we don’t want your enthusiasm and goodwill to get you into any kind of trouble in your local area if you try to organise an ‘event’.
  • Obviously we want you to encourage people to run in their local area and to donate on line (please do not collect cash) but unless you are an experienced Race Director and know exactly the rules, regulations and implications of putting on an event please stick to just getting out there and running with your mates in the red and black.
  • We’d also recommend that you check for any organised events in your area.  If there’s something on, either enter it (a number of our participants are planning to run in organised races) or change your time/day/location.  Hopefully you’ll be pretty visible in your red and black, and we don’t want to get in anyone else’s way!
  •  And as a final disclaimer (gotta have one of them) … We cannot endorse or accept any responsibility for any event that you may or may not organise.

Thanks again for your support!


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